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Wine & Dine Offers

To live well is to dine well, so let’s celebrate life to the fullest with special offers at our award-winning restaurants & bars.

Pizza & Pasta Lunch Set

If artisinal wood-fired pizza and hand-crafted pasta specialties are at the top of your culinary cravings, don't miss our new lunch offerings at SCUSA, Jakarta's authentic Italian eatery.

Gourmet Burgers Grilled to Perfection

There's nothing quite like a juicy burger, served hot off the grill, to make up for a stressful day at the office.

Taste of Jakarta & Mexico

Combining the very best flavors found right here in Jakarta, along with the spicy goodness of traditional Mexican cuisine. 

Corona Bucket

Treat yourself to an iced-cold bucket full of Corona throughout the month of November. 

For the Love of Parmiggiano- Reggiano

At Scusa, we honor one of Italy's most famous exports with a month-long celebration of Parmiggiano-Reggiano.

Sunday Brunch

Jump on the chic brunch bandwagon at Rasa, lively and relaxed, enjoy a leisurely morning ritual that defined by genuinely caring service, mouthwatering classic brunch dishes.

Easy Lunch at Deli

For Jakarta's business set who desire a quick lunch in a stylish setting, count on Deli’s ‘Grab & Go’ special to provide a quick turnaround time and delicious menu.

Squid Ink Baguette Delight

Try our specially crafted squid ink baguette. Squid ink is rich in “antioxidant” wich has numerous benefits to all parts of your body.

Your Morning, Your Choice

Start your day with the freshest selection of pastries and homemade bread at Deli.

Lunch Package at Rasa

Choose from delicious dim sum and lamien, or may we recommend AYANA's authentic oxtail soup, which is destined to become one of your favorite dishes in the city.

Wine & Dine Offers