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Every little action you take directly impacts the environment. When visiting Komodo Island, these 3 easy ways to travel green will help you protect the environment and m

Minimize your waste

Photo by thomasdemesmaeker

Consider planning a zero-waste travel by being extra responsible with your trash. When setting yourself to explore the National Park and its surroundings, make sure to bring a reusable bottle so you don’t have to buy single-use plastic bottles every day. Don’t forget to pack a large cloth bag in your suitcase and try to avoid plastic bags when buying souvenirs on the island. Last but not least, respect every place you’re visiting by not littering, ever!

Respect the wildlife

Photo by andy.schmid, zoemonicakj

From sea creatures to land-dwelling animals, travelers encounter fascinating wildlife around Komodo Island on a daily basis. It is important to maintain a mindful attitude and respect the wildlife. When being around Komodo dragons or wild deer on the island, make sure not to get too close and risk altering the animals’ behaviors. Similarly, when underwater, try not to disturb the marine life by touching the anemones, picking up starfish, or trying to cuddle the fishes.

Support Conscious Change

Photo by AYANA Komodo Resort

Be a part of the solution by supporting local businesses with green practices. At AYANA Komodo Resort, a range of environmentally conscious initiatives have been deployed to promote ethical travel across the island. Some of them are:

  • Sustainable Sourcing: All the seafood at AYANA are sourced locally from local fishermen, reducing carbon footprints and supporting local businesses.

  • Marine Biology Expert: AYANA is the only resort in the area with its very own resident Marine Biologist. Tasked in studying the reef’s biodiversity, our Marine Biologist also join guests on designated excursions to provide education and awareness on protecting the ocean and marine life.

  • Children’s Programs: AYANA Kid’s club promote eco-friendly activities including weekly coral planting programs and regular beach clean ups.

  • Local Investment: Guests staying at AYANA resort directly contributes to AYANA’s Komodo National Park investment fund. The much-needed funds will be used to purchase new uniforms, including hats and shoes, for National Park Rangers, support their training, and go towards the renovation of bathrooms.

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