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What would you do when you have 3 days/2 nights to spend around the beautiful Komodo Island?

From finding the most beautiful sightseeing spots to taking part in extraordinary adventures, this carefully curated itinerary will help you experience the best out of Komodo Island.

Day 1: Arrive into town


Photo by AYANA Komodo Resort

Settle in

Welcome to the tiny port town of Labuan Bajo, the gateway for any trip around Komodo Island. There is an array of charming hotels in labuan bajo which you could settle into, including its first five-star luxury accommodation, the AYANA Komodo Resort, Waecicu Beach.

If you’re staying at the AYANA Komodo Resort, you will be treated with a private stretch of white sandy beach as well as various beachfront hangouts, a perfect start for your Komodo Island adventure.


Wine and dine

Photo by sassychris1, AYANA Komodo Resort


Labuan Bajo’s gorgeous sunset is best enjoyed with a glass of wine. Make your choice: Kisik Grill is great if you’re looking for beachfront seafood grill, or head to UNIQUE Rooftop Bar for the best sunset experience in town.


Day 2: Set out and explore

Photo by evelynoome, sukiminthio

Take a walk on the wild side

Take a quick hike at the most breathtaking top-of-the-hill vantage point in Komodo National Park. Choose between sunrise or sunset trek, and get ready to fall in love with the wildly gorgeous Padar Island.


Pretty in pink

Photo by ninjarod, jedinaa_

Before you bid farewell to this beautiful island, a day trip to the famous pink sand beach is a definite must. With its cotton candy colored sands, it’s often dubbed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


Sunset bat watching

Photo by morgan_nou, travass.life


For a spectacular day’s end, take a cruise by the coastline of Kalong Island and watch thousands of bats taking over the sunset sky. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will definitely stay with you forever.  


Day 3: Save the best for last


Photo by AYANA Komodo Resort, kimbrlyryder


Glass bottom boat tour

Hop on the glass bottom boat and get the first class view on the island’s underwater scenery. Then, take a guided tour to Rinca Island to see the famous Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. For snorkeling aficionados, the underwater beauty of Menjerite Island is also a must-visit.


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