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Flores is filled to the brim with natural splendor and enchanting culture, a haven for those eager to explore a road less traveled.

Compared to its well-trodden neighbor Bali, Flores feels like a mysterious land. Tourists tend to use it solely as a gateway to Komodo Island, and some leave without letting themselves to truly be charmed by this fascinating mainland. From art, culture, and nature, when visiting this beautiful island, these Florinese treasures will definitely charm you.


Colonial remnants

Photo by failani_ismail_darmaji

Flores means “flower” in Portuguese language, and it’s not the only footprint left by the island’s 16th century colonists. Colonial architecture are sprinkled across the island, and here, Catholic tradition is mixed with local customs. For instance, unique festivals like Semana Santa, a weeklong 16th century style Easter celebration, can still be found in Flores’ town Larantuka.


Rich ancient traditions

Photo by gitaclaudiaa

There are roughly 10 different ethnicities in Flores, and you can experience an old world charm when visiting indigenous villages in Flores like Wae Rebo and Bajawa. Ancient rites and traditions, tribal architecture, traditional arts, there are plenty to soak yourself into.


Ikat weaving

Photo by shantoy

Flores’ hand-woven fabric, Ikat, is world-famous, and it’s not hard to see why. This traditional fabric is gorgeous - woven and dyed manually with natural ingredients such as leaves, wood, or roots. Each pattern carries a story, and styles vary between villages. Flores’ town Ende is particularly renowned for its Ikat weaving.


Natural wonders

Photo by ayubardiyono, _naldyleo

Once you decide to explore the island, you’ll be treated to natural beauty in abundance. The multi-colored lakes of Kelimutu, the spider web rice fields in Ruteng, or the fishing-village of Riung with its 17-island Marine Park are just among the few gems to discover on this beautiful island!

Something you shouldn't miss in your trip to Flores is to stay at a place where you can experience the charm of Flores' art, culture and nature. AYANA Komodo Resort, Waecicu Beach offers you a sanctuary with traditional Flores decoration touches, attentive local staffs and magnificent nature view. Book now and enjoy 20% off and free 2-way airport transfer.

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