The Plaza Residences

Combining the comfort of home and five-star luxury

——The Residences——

Nothing says refined comfort and luxury like open light-filled spaces. The generous space of the residences at The Plaza Residences makes a striking first impressions, with the interior design adding contemporary classic to create a feeling of a luxury yet relaxed lifestyle.


Suite Apartment

Experience the enchanting elegance in our spacious The Plaza Residences suite, which combine elegant décor to accenting the luxurious furnishings and fittings.


Three Bedroom Apartment

Our Three Bedroom Residence is elegantly designed in luxury style equipped with a complete luxurious furnishings and fittings in spacious settings.


Two Bedroom Apartment

Our Two Bedroom Residence provides a beautifully decorated living space. Each spacious and well-designed residence has luxury, stylish furnishings and fittings.


One Bedroom Apartment

Our One Bedroom Residence is designed to have a timeliness residential feel combine with the perks of luxury hotel facilities.