Learn, grow, sustain:

Discover AYANA’s Organic Oasis

——AYANA Farm Story——

Immerse yourself into a world of sustainable organic farming, calling on traditional local knowledge and ecological farming practices in our two hectare AYANA Farm.

AYANA Farm: A Place to Learn, Grow, and Enjoy Nature

A Sustainable Farm

AYANA Farm is our edible botanical garden showcasing diverse plant life grown using traditional and sustainable farming methods. We reuse materials found throughout the AYANA Estate, repurposing as many materials as possible and creating high-quality compost made on-site using waste from our kitchens, stables, and verdant grounds. AYANA Farm uses climate-smart methods and will shift to 100% solar energy this year.

Interact and Learn with Nature

AYANA Farm serves as a unique educational center for guests to explore the natural beauty of their surroundings and gain a deeper understanding of farming practices and techniques passed down through generations of Indonesian farmers. Each section is designed to work in harmony with one another to create a balanced and sustainable ecosystem.

A Well Rounded Experience

AYANA Farm offers a diverse range of fresh produce, embodying the farm-to-table, farm-to-bar, and farm-to-spa concepts within the AYANA Estate. Guests can enjoy clean, honest and farm-fresh cuisine at any of our dining venues, savor specialty cocktails crafted by skilled mixologists at Rock Bar and Luna, and enjoy the natural infusions offered at AYANA Spa.

——Discover Nature and Culture at AYANA Farm——

Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of AYANA Farm, where you can discover the secrets of Balinese culture and cuisine. Whatever you choose, you will have a memorable and enriching experience at AYANA Farm. Find out more about each activity and book your spot today.