Luxury Retreats in a Refuge of Natural Beauty

——Relax, Recharge and Reset——

Connect with nature, nourish your body with healthy and honest foods, and push your physical strength to new limits - because a long and healthy life begins with a promise to yourself.

Our Pillars of Wellness

An Iconic Spa Destination

Anchored by AYANA Spa and enriched by the Aquatonic Pool, AYANA is a one-stop destination for blissful pampering and indulgence.

Visiting Gurus & Guided Retreats

Leveraging the strengths of shared facilities, AYANA Wellness offers integrated wellbeing retreats that make use of the entire estate and a network of Bali’s best healers, practitioners and fitness instructors.

Aquatonic Thalassotherapy

An all-encompassing sensorial experience overlooking the Indian Ocean, the Aquatonic Pool at AYANA is the largest seawater thalassotherapy pool of its kind in Southeast Asia. This open-air, heated pool promotes overall health, wellness and beauty in an energizing 120-minute aquatic journey.

AYANA Wellness Retreats

Unwind and revitalize your mind and body with a unique wellness experience that combines relaxation, physical activity, and health-boosting treatments.