Green Camp AYANA

Available 2 July - 31 August 2024

Fun and inspiring nature-immersed day camp for children ages 7-12 at AYANA Farm

AYANA presents Green Camp AYANA, a collaboration with Green Camp Bali, one of the greenest and most purpose-driven camp experiences in the world. Suitable for children ages 7-12, Green Camp AYANA offers holistic, nature-immersed programs for children staying within the AYANA Estate and the surrounding areas.

Green Camp AYANA offers immersive adventures in nature that take children outside the box of their daily lives and into the wonder and wisdom that exists within them and in the world around them. Designed by experienced facilitators, our activities will cultivate survival skills, develop sustainability knowledge and awareness, and empower individuals – all while having a blast!

Ages : 7-12 y.o
Dates : Every Tuesday to Saturday
No. of Days : Single or multiple days
Duration : 09.30 – 14:30 (Drop off at 9:00)
Location : AYANA Farm
Min Capacity : 4 Explorers
Price : IDR 1,680,000++ per child/day*
* Price includes all activities, materials, snacks and lunch.

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Our Daily Programming

Farm Discovery | Tuesdays

Farm Discovery | Tuesdays

Venture into the heart of AYANA Farm. Discover flora and fauna, and create a vibrant and personalized guidebook.
Bamboo Designer and Builder | Wednesdays

Bamboo Designer and Builder | Wednesdays

Fun filled day of bamboo themed games and activities tailored to foster teamwork and stimulate creativity.
Nature Explorer | Thursdays

Nature Explorer | Thursdays

From treetops to treats! Climb coconut trees and make coconut-based products chocolate.
From Seed to the Table | Fridays

From Seed to the Table | Fridays

Connect with food! Discover where food comes from through food foraging at AYANA Farm followed by an Indonesian cooking class.
Outdoor Adventure Day | Saturdays

Outdoor Adventure Day | Saturdays

Explore the Mangrove forest on kayaks, and end the program by helping us protect Bali’s biodiversity through Mangrove planting.
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Green Camp’s main campus is located near Ubud on Green School Bali’s “wall-less” campus surrounded by permaculture gardens, shaded outdoor learning areas, a workshop space made entirely out of bamboo and an outdoor field. If your child loves Green Camp AYANA, please check out the various multi-day camps Green Camp offers here.

Green Camp Adventure Awaits!

Green Camp's Learning Adventures! Discover hidden wonders, get crafty with nature, and learn where food comes from.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Once we submit our inquiry form what happens next?
Once you have submitted your inquiry form, we will send you an email with our booking link.
2. What is your Refund/ Cancellation Policy?
For guests staying outside of AYANA Estate full refunds may only be issued if cancellations are made 5 days prior to the day of camp. For in-house guests, full refunds may be issued if cancellations are made 24 hours prior to the start of camp. Otherwise, a 100% cancellation fee will be applied.
3. What happens in the case of bad weather?
Our camp is open rain or shine! In case of severely bad weather, the camp will be moved to an indoor location.
4. Can you tell me more about your on site staff/instructors/teachers? For example, their background, nationality, what are their experiences mostly. Just some information so I can share. Are they all certified in CPR/First Aids or fully trained in outdoor environment, etc.? What is the ratio to students?
We have permanent full-time instructors and several stellar long-term partnerships with individual experts (for specific activities). Our Lead Facilitators are Wilderness First Responder Certified, CPR & First-Aid certified and we speak a number of different languages. Our Facilitators are experienced and passionate about what they do. Ratio is usually 1:7. Facilitator to students.
5. Can you share a little bit about the safety of your camp?
We keep our Camp fully secured around the clock, with daytime security procedures and night patrols. As noted above, our full-time staff are Wilderness First Responder Trained, CPR & First Aid certified. We also have a doctor onsite at the AYANA Estate clinic during school hours and on-call nurse when needed.
6. Where do your campers come from?
Predominantly, we get campers from South East Asia regions, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, China and Australia. We also receive visitors from North America and Canada, and most of our campers visit from international schools.
7. What are your emergency procedures? Is there a hospital nearby? Do you have a nurse or doctor on site 24-7?
We will share and brief your on our emergency procedures once you arrive. We have a full-time doctor on site during camp hours. We have an ambulance dedicated to us to respond within the shortest time possible should an emergency arise.
8. Do you have any specific requirements for students? For example, need to be able to swim or ride a bike?
Generally, all students need to be able to communicate well enough in English as a primary requirement. Instructors also confirm with the parents or chaperons to see what the kids cannot and can do, we try to accommodate everyone. That being said, the spirit of Green Camp is to create well rounded, powerful, skilled individuals.
9. Our kids don’t speak much English, is it possible for them to join the camp without parent?
The camp will be an opportunity for them to start practicing spoken English. However, we don't recommend to join if your child can not understand basic English. Basic English means your child is able to understand instructions and is able to express themselves when they are in need.
10. Is there any chance to mix our kids with others from different countries during green camp?
Yes, we have many kids coming from different part of the world to join in our camp.
11. What do we need to pack for our trip?
We will send you a packing list according to each camp, after we have received a confirmed payment from you.
About This Partnership

AYANA is proud to be one of Bali’s leaders in sustainable hospitality. Inspired by the Balinese Hindu principles of Tri Hita Karana – or the healing philosophy that creates harmony between humans, nature, and gods – we seek to give back to Earth from which we draw our strength.
We have consistently ranked as the regional leader in the lowest CO2 emissions per guest and continue to invest in ESG initiatives including the formation of a permaculture farm and various infrastructure projects to allow us to recycle 80% of our sewage water for use in our irrigation and public water features, and upcycle 90% of our organic waste to create 100 tonnes of compost which we use to fertilize our many plants.
In seeking for new ways to nurture love and care for nature in our guests, and realizing that the best way would be through education of little ones, we formed a partnership with Green Camp Bali – world pioneers in purpose-driven camp experiences.