Guidepost Montessori AYANA Bali

weekly and monthly Montessori programming

Montessori programming for children ages 2.5 to 6 years

Weekly Programming
Guidepost Bali Adventure
Young children will be busy experiencing a rich array of blended activities that scaffold their minds, challenge their bodies, and delight their souls. We will explore inspiring features of the AYANA Estate, offering children a glimpse of the diverse landscape and culture that makes this world sparkle! Program highlights:
• Child-centred programming
• Dual-language activities in English & Mandarin
• Indoor-outdoor classroom setting
• Weekly themes that encourage daily engagement with nature

Ages: Children 2.5 to 6 years
Dates: September 4, 2023 onwards
Days: Tuesday - Friday
Duration: Weekly
Time: 8:30 am - 1:00 pm daily, plus optional Parent & Child Memorable Moments Activity on Fridays from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm
Weekly Price: IDR 7,500,000++
Discounts & Promotions: See our offer here.
*Price includes all activities, materials and lunch. Excludes tax.

Monthly Programming
Children’s House
Our Children’s House program is a carefully-prepared, child-sized classroom in which children direct their own activity, building confidence and social skills while maximizing their own capability to learn and love learning. The Children’s House program includes five different classroom areas, each one with enticing and sequences materials that each child will be introduced to over a three-year period in response to individual developmental timelines. Program highlights:
• Building independence through practical life
• Developing the scientific mind through sensory materials
• Individualized guidance with writing and reading
• Concrete materials for a lifelong retention of math
• Understanding our world through exposure and experimentation

Ages: Children 2.5 to 6 years
Dates: September 4, 2023 onwards
Days: Monday - Friday
Duration: Monthly (minimum 4 consecutive weeks)
Time: Half Day (8:30 am – 12:00 pm) or Full Day (08:30 am – 03:30 pm)
Monthly Price: IDR 10,950,000++ for Half Day & IDR 13,350,000++ for Full Day
Discounts & Promotions: See our offer here.
*Price includes all activities and materials. Excludes tax and optional lunch service (only for Children House Full Day Program)
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AYANA presents Guidepost Montessori AYANA Bali, a collaboration with Guidepost, a global network of authentic Montessori schools serving families and children from pregnancy through adolescence.
Our mission at Guidepost is to guide and empower each child as they develop their independence, their ability to think and do things for themselves.
Our job as educators is to understand and love the process as it unfolds for each child in our care and to support the child in blazing their trail: helping the child help himself.
Our programs have been designed so that children can join for a single week or a month and are designed to provide a nurturing “home away from home” where your child learns joyfully.
Program highlights are included in the program descriptions

Montessori at heart: Child-centered programming | Beautiful prepared environment
Dual Language Program: English and Mandarin | Daily language activities
Natural Learning Environment: Indoor-outdoor classroom setting | Daily engagement with nature
Shared Experience: Weekly parent-child experience | Showcasing unique features of AYANA Estate
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