Marine Rituals


Rest, rebalance or renew with a selection of therapies that have been created with Thalassotherapy and your every need in mind.
Treatment Selections

Monsoon Massage

Duration: 75 mins

A muscle-soothing cotton foam mask is applied all over the body before you are cozily cocooned and invited to relax with a facial massage to further enhance the tension dissolving effect. Warm streams of seawater are gently introduced as the layers of the cocoon are peeled away and Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage strokes serve to cleanse and relax.

Aquum Affusion

Duration: 90 mins

As you surrender to a rainfall of warm seawater, a fragrant body scrub is rhythmically applied to the body to cleanse and polish the skin. The experience is one of refreshment as the baltic amber and water soften the skin and therapeutic techniques dissolve any last remnants of tension. Upon drying off, a skin-nourishing body souffle leaves a trail of clean glowing skin.

Marine Healing

Duration: 100 mins

A highly concentrated salt & clay scrub is applied as the overhead shower jets are turned on and warmed seawater streams over your body. Slow-paced detox massage techniques eliminate toxins followed by an oxygenating facial massage to enliven the skin for complete wellbeing.