Nakatsuji Method


Developed by renowned Japanese osteopath and anti-aging expert Mr. Tadashi Nakatsuji, and exclusive to AYANA SPA, The Nakatsuji Method encourages full-body healing.
Treatment Selections

Nakatsuji Lymphatic Massage

Duration: 75 mins

This deeply relaxing, 75-minute massage is a beautifying body treatment that promotes slimming, detoxification, stress release, and cellular rejuvenation. Trained by Japan’s anti-aging expert, your therapist combines strategic acupressure points with long firm strokes to encourage full-body healing.

Nakatsuji Body Massage

Duration: 60 mins

An oil-free full-body massage using ‘The Nakatsuji Method’ developed by renowned Japanese orthopedic and anti-aging expert Tadashi Nakatsuji. Your therapist applies a special pressure point technique to target areas of muscular pain, assist with slimming, and detoxify the body by enhancing lymphatic drainage. The shoulder and head massage alleviate headaches and tension caused by poor posture and prolonged computer use.

Nakatsuji Face Massage

Duration: 60 mins

A face and neck massage using ‘The Nakatsuji Method’ shapes the face and stimulates collagen production, while oils rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids nourish the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. To conclude, Nakatsuji’s own trademark anti-aging facial cream is applied leaving both countenance and complexion ever radiant.

Nakatsuji Massage Ritual

Duration: 90 mins

This therapeutic top-to-toe massage utilizing ‘The Nakatsuji Method’ works to release muscular pain and enhance lymphatic drainage, while a head, neck, and shoulder massage alleviates headaches and tension caused by poor posture and prolonged computer use. To complete this holistic ritual, a facial massage using rich delicate oils nourish the skin, while specialized techniques shape the face and neck. This exceptional ritual promotes slimming, detoxification, muscular health, collagen production, and anti-aging.