Ocean Rituals at Spa on The Rocks


Drift and dream with a unique wellness ritual exclusively crafted for Spa on the Rocks, which features two luxury spa villas that are perched atop large rocks surrounded by the sparkling blue Indian Ocean.
Treatment Selections

Azure Escape

Duration: 180 mins

Surrender to this sublime ritual which begins with a fragrant foot bath before you are guided into a pampering skin-softening cotton foam body beauty mask, followed by a sublime sea crystal bath soak. As you slip into a timeless place, a therapeutic massage using a wakame and green tea modelage oil, paired with a relaxing facial massage, encourages inner and outer glow.

Summer Solstice

Duration: 130 mins

Welcome into a Balinese ceremony that sets the intention and places you into a peaceful pause. Following this, a deliciously rich skin-refining body mask is applied all over the body before you are cozily cocooned and invited to relax whilst receiving gentle acupressure to the face and head. Once showered, a frangipani body oil is massaged all over the body to ease tension and nourish the skin before foot reflex zones are targeted for internal health and balance.

Healing Breeze

Duration: 130 mins

Illuminate inner calm and outer radiance with a captivating ritual that begins with an invitation to settle into a grateful heart space. The ritual then continues with a relaxing youth-enhancing full body massage utilizing Balinese and Lomi techniques, complemented with focused attention to neck, scalp, and shoulders to soothe a tired mind and deliver other health benefits. To complete, an oxygenating facial massage nurtures the complexion back to vitality and radiance

Ocean Dream

Duration: 180 mins

Relaxing, warm waves of touch, deliver complete comfort and relief as you drift to the sound of the ocean and the caress of a gentle breeze. This exquisite spa dream begins with a purifying body polish made of marine salt and clay. Following a refreshing cleanse, your path to purity continues with a specific detoxification massage and a Radiance Marins facial. For an experience to remember, that is nowhere else in the world, we invite you to float, imagine and unwind.