Spa Packages


Healing therapies interweave to create quintessential rituals of enchantment inspired by Anjali meaning ‘divine offering’ in Sanskrit.
Treatment Selections

Enchant Ritual


Foot Soak/Body Wrap/Bath/Massage/Organic Facial Step into a foot bath before you are invited into a luxury organic body mask that gently exfoliates and nourishes skin back to health. A bath while soaking in tropical ingredients and the surrounding rainforest calms and restores connection sell. As you sleep into the dream state, a massage using apricot kernel oil, paired with an organic skin healing facial revitalizes the skin and rejuvenates the senses.

Rainforest Retreat


Aromatic Petal Massage/Facial/Scalp Massage The canopy of the rainforest and the chorus of nature set the ambience as your feet slip into a welcoming foot bath. This delightful journey then comes with a relaxing aromatic petal massage and a customized luxury spa facial. The power of touch and surrounding nature provide a true escape for body, mind and spirit

Sunset Ceremony


Balinese Ritual/Hawaiian Lomi Massage/Body Scrub/Flower Bath A beautiful Balinese ritual invites complete surrender before the mind and lobby succumbs to a unique blend of Hawaiian and Balinese massage techniques to eliminate physical stress and improve lymphatic drainage. The skin is then cleansed and rejuvenated with a body polish made of rice powder, curcuma, lemongrass, sandalwood, lavender and patchouli. A relaxing bath then cleanses the skin and completes this ceremony leaving you in a state of deep rest.